Corporate Training

Aviation Safety & Security Program

The Viterbi School's Aviation Safety and Security Program provide hands on education and will cover the use of models and tools for evaluation of security and anti-terrorism, within a modular format. The short courses will also provide training in the methods of analysis. By completing courses within a series of modules, students will earn a professional certificate. Short courses designed for police and fire departments aim to help personnel develop safety programs that can be used in the event of terrorism.

This is a first-rate aviation safety program that has operated for more than fifty years with more than 21,000 aviation professionals having completed coursework. Based at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), the program's participating organizations include the FAA, NRSB, FBI, US Coast Guard, and all major airlines and manufacturers. The instructors are leading experts in the world and are active and current in their fields, including academic and practical leaders in Human Factors, acknowledged authorities in Risk Management & Risk Assessment, industry experts in security, former NTSB accident investigators, the president of Emergency & Disaster Management, and hazardous materials and legal instructors. The student profile is about 66 percent corporate and 34 percent government. To read more click here