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Meshkati, Najmedin Professor
  • Risk Reduction
  • Safety-related Issues
  • University of Southern California
Orosz, Michael Assistant Director
  • data security
  • cyber crime
  • homeland security
  • port security
  • intelligent human-computer interfaces
  • Information Sciences Institute, USC Viterbi School of Engineering
Ragusa, Gisele Professor
  • engineering education
  • research design
  • University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering
Roberts, Bryan Senior Economist
  • Risk Analysis
  • Border Security
  • Econometrica, Inc.
Rose, Adam Research Professor of Public Policy
  • terrorism and natural hazards
  • energy and environmental economics
  • public policy
  • regional science
  • applied general equilibrium modeling
  • Sol Price School of Public Policy University of Southern California
Rosoff, Heather Associate Director of Research
  • Risk Perception & Communication
  • University of Southern California
Sellnow, Timothy Professor, School of Library and Information
  • risk and crisis communication
  • University of Kentucky
Slovic, Paul Professor of Psychology
  • Social/Personality
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Risk Perception
  • Affect and Information Processing
  • Genocide and Human Rights
  • University of Oregon
Southers, Erroll Associate Director for Educational Programs
  • counterterrorism
  • homeland security
  • aviation terrorism
  • school safety
  • infrastructure protection
  • National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE)
Stewart, Mark Professor
  • Spatial and time-dependent structural reliability
  • Risk assessment and reliability of new and existing structures
  • Damage and safety risks for infrastructure subject to explosive blast loading
  • Security and counter-terrorism risk assessment
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • University of Newcastle, Australia