Erroll Southers Quoted in Article on Saugus High School Shooting - Los Angeles Times

Erroll Southers was quoted in the LA Times article, “The answer in Santa Clarita school Shooting? God, gunshot kits and fire extinguishers as weapons.”

The crisis was over, the danger had passed, and Saugus High students were wandering bewildered through a sea of squad cars and news vans, trying to wrap their minds around what had just transpired on the campus quad.

“I never thought this would happen in Santa Clarita.” That familiar refrain was all many students could think of to say when a newscaster stuck a microphone in their face.

They’d felt safe in the cosseted security of their close-knit suburban community, the hometown of so many law enforcement officers. Now, they were those kids who’d lived through a campus shooting. They were suddenly swathed in vulnerability. READ MORE.