Current Projects

Project Title Principal Investigator
Economic Consequences of Terrorism Rose, Adam
Game Theory for Security: Large-scale Data-driven Approaches Tambe, Milind
Spatially Layered Defenses Against Terrorism Using Decision and Risk Analysis von Winterfeldt, Detlof
DPS_Deploy: USC Department of Public Safety Risk Assessment and Resource Allocation System Orosz, Michael
A Methodology for a Qualitative Assessment of Target Capabilities of the Department of Homeland Security von Winterfeldt, Detlof
Economic Impact of CBP's CEEs and Trade Mission Technical Proposal Roberts, Bryan
A Research and Development Study of the Education, Training, and Workforce Development Needs of the Global Supply Chain Community Abbas, Ali
Optimal Partnership Strategies for Cyber Threats Zhuang, Jun
Transitioning Analysis of Current and Future Catastrophic Risks from Emerging-Threat Technologies Barrett, Anthony
A Visualization and Decision-Support Tool for Homeland Security Risk Prioritization Bier, Vicki
Communicating Probability in Intelligence Analysis and Homeland Security Zeckhauser, Richard
Pseudoinefficacy, a New Approach to Deterrence: Exploiting the Connection Between Perceived Risk, Affect and Self-Efficacy Burns, William
Risk Modeling and Communication for TSA and other DHS Organizations Dillon-Merrill, Robin
Economy-Wide Modeling for Analysis of Major Disruptive Events: Terrorism, Natural Disasters and Accidents Dixon, Peter
Dynamic Transportation Network Vulnerability Assessment Algorithms Fiondella, Lance