Project Archive

Project Title Principal Investigator Planned Completion Datesort ascending
Modeling Attacker-Defender Games with Risk Preferences Zhuang, Jun July 2014
Economic Consequences of Terrorism Rose, Adam June 2014
Analyzing Current and Future Catastrophic Risks from Emerging-Threat Technologies Barrett, Anthony June 2014
Calibration of Expert Judgments in Counterterrorism Risk Assessment Bier, Vicki June 2014
Modeling the Dynamics of Risk Perception and Fear: Examining Amplifying Mechanisms and Their Consequences Burns, William June 2014
Individuals’ Responses to Near-Miss Events over Time Dillon-Merrill, Robin June 2014
Poverty as a Cause of Terrorism and MIND/FIND as an Inhibitor of Transnational Terrorism Sandler, Todd June 2014
Economy-Wide Modeling for Analysis of Major Disruptive Events: Terrorism, Natural Disasters and Accidents Dixon, Peter June 2014
The Future of the National Flood Insurance Program Kunreuther, Howard June 2014
Synthesizing Instruction and Inoculation in Tailored Crisis Communication Messages of Self-Efficacy Sellnow, Timothy June 2014
Systematic Exploration of Public Response to Experimentally Manipulated Disaster Events (Terror and Non-terror) Using Video-based Scenario Simulation John, Richard June 2014
Analysis of Primary Inspection Wait Time at U.S. Ports of Entry Roberts, Bryan March 2014
Validating Models of Adversary Behavior Zhuang, Jun October 2013
Port Security Risk and Resource Management System Orosz, Michael October 2013
Warning in Games: Strategic Adversarial Interactions and Uncertainty in Managing the Risk of Attacks Pate-Cornell, Elisabeth October 2013