Project Archive

Project Title Principal Investigator Planned Completion Datesort ascending
Strategic Decision Making in the Presence of Adversaries Kardes, Erim September 2007
Optimal Allocation of Resources to Counter Terrorism Kleinmuntz, Don September 2007
Emergency Response Modeling Larson, Richard September 2007
Economic Effects of Pandemic Influenza Lave, Lester September 2007
1st Annual Intertribal Risk Analysis Symposium and Roundtable Mitchell, Lloyd September 2007
Estimating the Likelihood of Terrorism Events and Public Response John, Richard September 2007
Estimating the Total Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks: Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Modeling of Resilience and Extended Linkages Rose, Adam September 2007
Network Reliability Models Ross, Sheldon M. September 2007
Security via Strategic Randomization Tambe, Milind September 2007
Electricity Case: Risk Analysis of Infrastructure Systems – Different Approaches for Risk Analysis of Electric Power Systems Holmgren, Ake March 2006
Assessment Guidelines for Counter-Terrorism CREATE Terrorism Modeling System (CTMS) Hall, Randolph March 2006
Probabilistic Representation of the Threat and Consequences of Weapon Attacks on Commercial Aircraft Masri, Sami March 2006
Crisis Manager Portals for Homeland Security Event Response Decision Support and Training McLeod, Dennis March 2006
Risk Analyst Workbench Design and Architecture Orosz, Michael March 2006
A Risk and Economic Analysis of Dirty Bomb Attacks on the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Rosoff, Heather March 2006