Project Archive

Project Title Principal Investigator Planned Completion Datesort ascending
Constructing Urban Vulnerability Index (UVI) for U.S. Coastal Cities September 2010
Analyzing Projected Behavioral and Emotional Responses to Terrorist Events John, Richard September 2010
Effects on the U.S. economy of a serious H1N1 epidemic: analysis with the USAGE model Dixon, Peter October 2009
Intelligence and Risk Analysis von Winterfeldt, Detlof September 2009
A Game Theoretic Approach for Allocation of Limited Security Resources Tambe, Milind September 2009
Advances in Economic Consequence Analysis of Terrorism Events Rose, Adam September 2009
The Dynamics of Public Response to a Terrorist Strike: Recommendations for Data Collection, Analysis, and Modeling Burns, William September 2009
Risk Analysis Workbench (RAW) Orosz, Michael September 2008
Risk Perception and Estimating Threat Probability Using Random Utility Models of Terrorist Objectives and Motivations John, Richard September 2008
ARMOR: Assistant for Randomized Monitoring Over Routes Tambe, Milind September 2008
Cost and Benefits of Exit Monitoring Programs Willis, Henry September 2008
Risk Perception and Behavioral Economics Burns, William September 2007
Estimating the Likelihood of Terrorism Events and Public Response John, Richard September 2007
Estimating the Total Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks: Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Modeling of Resilience and Extended Linkages Rose, Adam September 2007
Security via Strategic Randomization Tambe, Milind September 2007