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  • The Economics of Natural Hazards
  • Security and Game Theory
  • Improving Homeland Security Decisions
  • Homegrown Violent Extremism
  • Economics of Climate Change Policy
  • Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks
  • Economic Costs and Consequences of Terrorism
  • Economic Consequence Analysis of Disasters: The E-CAT Software Tool (Integrated Disaster Risk Management)
  • Benefit Cost Analysis of Security Policies
  • Advances in Decision Analysis
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Regulation Games Between Government and Competing Companies: Oil Spills and Other Disasters Jun Zhuang, May Cheung Innovations in Game Theoretic Modeling for Terrorism and Natural Disasters Published Articles & Papers
CBRN Attack Perpetrators: An Empirical Study Kate Ivanova, Todd Sandler Addressing Terrorist Threats in a Globalized World, Assessing Counterterrorism: Intelligence and Other Policies Published Articles & Papers
Eliciting risk preferences: When is simple better? Chetan Dave, Catherine C. Eckel, Cathleen A. Johnson, Christian Rojas Published Articles & Papers
PortSec: Port Security Risk Management and Resource Allocation System Michael D. Orosz, Carl Southwell, Anthony Barrett, Onur Bakir, Jennifer Chen, Isaac Maya Port Security Risk and Resource Management System Published Articles & Papers
Information Sharing for Infrastructure Risk Management: Barriers and Solutions Henry H. Willis, Genevieve Lester, Gregory F. Treverton Published Articles & Papers
Constructing Multiattribute Utility Functions for Decision Analysis Ali E. Abbas Published Articles & Papers
Preventing HIV Spread in Homeless Populations Using PSINET A. Yadav , L. Marcolino, E. Rice, R. Petering, H. Wintrobe, H. Rhoades, M. Tambe, H. Carmichael Game Theory for Security: New Domains, New Challenges Published Articles & Papers
Biases and Debiasing in Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Gilberto Montibeller , Detlof von Winterfeldt Spatially Layered Defenses Against Terrorism Published Articles & Papers
Religion, Terrorism and Public Goods: Testing the Club Model Eli Berman, David D. Laitin Models of Counterterrorism Published Articles & Papers
Infrastructure Disruptions and Recovery Rates in Disasters Rae Zimmerman, Jeffrey S. Simonoff, Carlos E. Restrepo Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resource Allocation Policy Published Articles & Papers
Why Both Game Theory and Reliability Theory Are Important in Defending Infrastructure Against Intelliigent Attacks Vicki M. Bier, Louis A. Cox, Jr, M. Naceur Azaiez Published Articles & Papers
PROTECT: An Application of Computational Game Theory for the Security of the Ports of the United States Eric Shieh, Bo An, Rong Yang, Milind Tambe, Craig Baldwin, Joseph DiRenzo, Ben Maule, Garrett Meyer Developing Algorithms and Software Assistants for Security Domains Published Articles & Papers
Transnational Terrorism Todd Sandler, Daniel G. Arce, Walter Enders Adaptive Adversaries and Their Consequences Published Articles & Papers
Hybrid defensive resource allocations in the face of partially strategic attackers in a sequential defender–attacker game Xiaojun Shan, Jun Zhuang Validating Models of Adversary Behavior Published Articles & Papers
Behavioural issues in portfolio decision analysis Detlof von Winterfeldt, Barbara Fasolo, Alec Morton Published Articles & Papers