Oil Consumption and Security

Stephen P. A. Brown
Monday, February 13, 2017 - 12:00
RTH 326

Formerly the director of energy economics at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Stephen has numerous published articles about energy markets and policy and microeconomic public policy.  He an editor for Energy Policy, on the advisory board for the journal Energy Economics, and a regular participant in meetings of the Stanford Energy Modeling Forum. He previously served on the American Statistical Association's advisory board for the U.S. Energy Information Administration.  He developed MarketSim, an energy-market simulation model used by the U.S. Department of Interior to evaluate offshore oil and gas leasing.  He was honored as a senior fellow by the U.S. Association for Energy Economics in 2008, and his coauthored article, "What Drives Natural Gas Prices?" was recognized by the International Association for Energy Economics as the best article published in The Energy Journal during 2008.  His current research includes oil and energy security, the aggregate economic effects of world oil supply disruptions, natural gas markets, the economics of antibiotic effectiveness, and the role of public policy in a market economy.

Panel Discussion following the Seminar

Moderator: Adam Rose (USC CREATE/Price)


Stephen Brown (UNLV)

Donald Paul (USC Energy Institute)

Jeffrey Nugent (USC Economics Department)

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