Development and Enhancement of the Intelligent Randomization in Scheduling (IRIS) System

Performance Period: 
December 2017 to December 2018
Project Status: 
In Progress
Commercialization Status: 
The events of September 11, 2001, resulted in a significant increase of Federal Air Marshals (FAMs) deployments on international flights. Selection of FAMs schedules on commercial U.S. air carrier flights were performed manually. With the growing demands and complexity of scheduling FAMs flights, manual scheduling was no longer an option. To mitigate vulnerabilities an adversary could exploit in detecting trends in FAMs schedules, there existed an immediate mission critical need to strategically and tactically schedule FAMs in a randomized manner to enhance deployment capabilities. Due to these needs, FAMS sourced and developed the Intelligent Randomization in Intelligent Scheduling (IRIS) system. However, the IRIS system has not kept up with evolving mission demands and technology, and must receive system upgrades that require research advancements that are beyond any commercially available product. The result will be a software tool that provides enhanced randomization of flights for FAMS.