PortSec: Port Operations Modeling for Risk Management and Resource Allocation

Principal Investigator: 
Other Researchers: 
Issac Maya, Petros Ioannou, Michael Orosz, Jennifer Chen
Performance Period: 
October 2007 to September 2008
Commercialization Status: 
This project is developing a port security risk management and resource allocation system model (PortSec) of the Ports of Los Angeles (POLA) and Long Beach (POLB) for performing port security risk assessments and resource allocation analysis.  The basic modules of the PortSec system include a port risk analysis component, a macro-micro simulation model of port operations, an robust resource/technology portfolio allocation model, and state-of-the-art user interfaces.  The goal is to develop a system for performing risk-based analysis of security countermeasures to reconcile the seemingly opposing goals of minimizing the risk of terrorism while maintaining unimpeded flow of daily port activity.