Executive Program

About: The CREATE Executive Program in Counter-Terrorism is a unique course designed to challenge international counter-terrorism leaders and enhance their analysis, coordination, and response capabilities to the evolving terrorism threat. The program is structured specifically for public sector professionals and policymakers and employs an interdisciplinary academic and experiential learning environment. Participants will strengthen their cross-functional skills through immersion in key issues and best practices presented by world-class research and public policy experts in counter-terrorism. In addition, the program fosters academic, professional, and personal development amidst a diverse group of peers from around the world.

The program is a six day course and includes classes examining Homegrown Violent Extremism, Intelligence/Dark Web, Civil Rights and Privacy, Decision Analysis, Counter-Terrorism Policy Making and Democracy and a host of other relevant topics. "The speakers on this course are household names," Dr. Southers said. "We have counter-terrorism experts, we have intelligence community officials, we have people who are responsible for iconic infrastructure."  In addition to a series of informative and interactive lectures participants will also enjoy a variety of behind-the-scenes site visits to critical infrastructure and meet the experts responsible for keeping them safe. 

To read more about the last class held in Los Angeles in 2016 click here. To read more about the 2017 program in Washington D.C. click here.

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Admission Requirements

Public sector executives are encouraged to apply. Admission is selective and based on professional achievement and organizational responsibility. Proficiency in written and spoken English are required. Bachelor's degree is preferred.

Applying to this program requires on-line application submission to include a letter of endorsement from the candidate's employer on appropriate agency letterhead.

Program Fee

The program fee for the six-day course is $4,000. This fee covers tuition, materials, accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch and two scheduled dinners). For Los Angeles area residents not requiring lodging, the fee is $3,500.The fee for veterans is $3,000, GI Bill funds may not be used for this program.

For more details email create@usc.edu


"Attending the course we will have local, state and federal law enforcement; members of the intelligence community; members of the public and private security defence industry and policymakers who are engaged in addressing issues of homeland security,"  Dr. Erroll Southers, CREATE's Director of International Programs.