Fifth Annual Maritime Risk Symposium, November 18-19, 2014

5th Annual Maritime Symposium November 18 – 19, 2014

“Worldwide Chokepoints and Maritime Risks"

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA

Symposium Co-Chairs: Isaac Maya, PhD, PE, and Joe DiRenzo, PhD
Executive Committee: Bert Macesker, CAPT Robert Gandolfo, CDR Tyson Weinert, Timothy Hughes, David Boyd, CAPT William Csisar, CAPT Matthew Gimple, CAPT Bruce Clark

The theme for this year’s Symposium will be Worldwide Chokepoints and Maritime Risks. “Chokepoint" is a common military strategy term that refers to any enclosed space, corridor, or area where large numbers of personnel and/or resources are forced to pass through, with no reasonable alternate routes. Within the maritime environment, geographical features such as a strait or canal are considered chokepoints.

In the current maritime operating environment, chokepoints are important elements to consider for strategic and risk-based decisions. The global system and our National prosperity increasingly depend upon the crucial supply of resources and the conduits of international trade. Chokepoints offer both state and non-state actors an increased likelihood of disrupting the free flow of trade using asymmetrical means regardless of the relative size and strength of opposing forces.

Unimpeded access through these maritime crossroads may be threatened by excessive geographical jurisdictional claims, rising geopolitical instability, or physical capabilities employed to deny access, potentially combined with significant climate change outcomes or events of mass effect, influencing access to the approximately 200 straits or canals around the world in ways never before seen.

Increasingly more complex risk assessments for all stakeholders operating within the maritime transportation industry, informed by accurate, real-time information on the current status of diplomatic, economic, military and law enforcement efforts is required.
The Symposium will also examine Maritime Global Supply Chain Risks, Maritime Economics and Insurance Impacts, Risk Perception and Communications, Maritime Cyber Security, and Future Tech with Potential Maritime Impact.

New This Year: We will request Abstracts from all speakers, and collect along with all presentations into a “Defined Deliverable" for the outcome of the symposium.

Venue and Logistics: A 1 ½-Day Event at the University of Southern California’s Town & Gown. Target Audience: 125-135, including academia, USCG government and industry participants. We will explore AdobeConnect, streaming and/or recording for post-event posting to websites, YouTube, etc.

We have a block of 70 rooms at the USC Radisson for the nights of 11/17 & 11/18. Please call the hotel directly (213-748-4141) and ask for the CREATE Maritime Risk Symposium for the special rate of $125 a night OR you can reserve your room online here: The last day to reserve your room with the special rate is October 25, 2014.

November 18
Registration, Breakfast, Lunch and Sessions, USC Town & Gown Ballroom
Evening Reception & Dinner (Appetizers & drinks), USC University Club
Book signings by Norman Polmar and John-Clark Levin
November 19
Student Breakfast, Radisson Hotel area
Breakfast for MRS attendees, USC Town & Gown Ballroom

Cost: $83 (US per diem, covers cost of all meals on 11/18, full day, and 11/19 breakfast)

USCG Uniform:  Panelists in Service Dress Blue or civilian business equivalent.  Audience in Tropical Blue Long or civilian equivalent.

Registration is closed.

See agenda.