Adam Rose Discusses Federal Assistance in Disasters - NPR

By Mitchell Hartman

The Trump administration has asked Congress to pass the third disaster-relief spending bill this year in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and the devastating California wildfires. The funding request, if passed by Congress, would provide another $44 billion, bringing the total of supplemental disaster-relief spending authorized by congress this calendar year to around $96 billion. Among other things, it would cover FEMA disaster assistance to individuals and local governments, fixing federal facilities, and flood prevention. But the request is already under fire as not offering enough money to affected areas. Texas, Florida, and especially Puerto Rico say they need tens of billions of more in funding to help recovery efforts. Puerto Rico alone has been reported needing $94 billion, a need the White House has said will be addressed separately, later. Read more and listen to report by clicking here.