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Join leaders from throughout the nation at the National Symposium on the Future of Terrorism Risk Insurance on the campus of the University of Southern California June 20, 2005. The symposium will bring together many of the nation’s leading experts to discuss the relationship between terrorism risk, insurance, national security and public policy. Mark Warshawsky, Assistant Secretary of Treasury, will deliver the keynote address and top researchers, corporate leaders and policymakers will frame and analyze the ongoing policy debates related to the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA), terrorism risk management and insurance.

Who should attend:

The conference is intended for policy makers from all levels of government plus leaders from the public and private sector. It is also intended for news reporters covering public policy and business on local, state, or national level.


Private insurers, and their re-insurers, may ultimately pay well in excess of $40 billion in claims resulting from the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, making the attack by far the largest single catastrophic loss the global insurance industry has suffered in its history. In the months after September 11, there was widespread belief that another comparable attack in the short term threatened the financial stability of the insurance industry and its ability to protect public and private property. In response, the federal government passed the 2002 Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, or TRIA. The TRIA created a three-year federal program to support the “growth and stability of the market for private insurance against losses from terrorist attacks in order to protect the public." The program is scheduled to expire this year. A long range solution to insuring such risk is critically important and this symposium will address these and other important long term issues.


  • The Terrorism Threat: Insuring for the Future
  • The Economics of Terrorism Insurance
  • National Security and Terrorism Insurance
  • Can Insurance Cover Weapons of Mass Destruction?
  • Industry Response: How We Will Prepare for the Threat
  • Insurance and the Catastrophic Loss of Human Life
  • Workers’ Compensation, Life Insurance, and Victim Compensation
  • The Future of Terrorism Insurance

Special Address: Mark Warshawsky, Ph.D
Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy,United States Department of the Treasury

Featured Speakers (Partial List):

  • Randolph Hall, Ph.D Director, CREATE
  • Jack Riley, Ph.D Associate Director, RAND Infrastructure, Safety and Environment
  • Robert Reville, Ph.D Director, Institute for Civil Justice, RAND
  • Neal Doherty Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center
  • Terry O’Sullivan Postdoctoral Researcher, the USC Center for Homeland Security
  • Detlof von Winterfeldt, Ph.D Director of the Institute for Civic Enterprise, Professor of Public Policy and Management, University of Southern California
  • Hemant Shah Founder, President & CEO, Risk Management Solutions (RMS)
  • Peter S Lowy CEO, Westfield America
  • Lloyd Dixon, Ph.D Senior Economist, RAND Corporation
  • Scott Harrington, Ph.D Professor of Health Care Systems, Wharton

To Register:

Register online at or call (626) 796-4747 for additional information
Registration fee is $75 which covers the conference, meals, and materials.

Sponsored by:

  • RAND Center for Terrorism Risk Management Policy
  • University of Pennsylvania Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center
  • United States Department of Homeland Security through the CREATE Homeland Security Center 
  • University of Southern California (
  • The Communications Institute


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