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Evaluating Modeling Approaches for Analyzing Macroeconomic Impacts of Microgrid Projects

Microgrids are playing an increasingly important role in supporting a more flexible, efficient, and reliable electric power system in the U.S. As with any major energy production facilities, Microgrids have various types of impacts on the local and regional economy.

The effects of the privacy attacker identity and individual user characteristics on the value of information privacy

Abstract Past research indicates that people have strong concerns about their information privacy. This study applies multi-attribute utility theory to conceptualize the concern for smartphone privacy and examine how people value smartphone privacy protection.

Structuring Decision Problems: A Case Studying and Reflections for Practitioners

This article reviews several approaches to problem structuring and, in particular, the three-step structuring process for decision analysis proposed by von Winterfeldt and Edwards:(1) identifying the problem;(2) selecting an appropriate analytical approach;(3) developing the a detailed analyti


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