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Risk Loving After the Storm: A Bayesian-Network study of Hurricane Katrina Evacuees

We investigate risk preferences of a sample of hurricane Katrina evacuees shortly after they were evacuated and transported to Houston, and another sample from the same population taken a year later.We also consider a third sample of resident Houstonians with demographics similar to the Katrina e

Face Value

We all pay attention to subtle variations in appearance and demeanor when deciding whether to pursue a relationship or interaction with someone. Students are advised of professional attire and interview techniques as a way to send the right signals to potential employers.

The Attack on Flight 253, the Haiti Earthquake, and the Japanese Disaster: A Longitudinal Look at Emotional Reactions, Risk-Related Behaviors, and Support for Policy Measures

Researching the public’s emotional reaction to dierent threats is important to our understanding of how people respond to a crisis. We report a longitudinal analysis of public response to the terrorist attempts on Flight 253 as well as the Haiti earthquake and the earthquake, tsunami, and n

Risk Perception and the Economic Crisis: A LongitudinalStudy of the Trajectory of Perceived Risk

We conducted a longitudinal survey of public response to the economic crisis to understand the trajectory of risk perception amidst an ongoing crisis. A nation-wide panel responded to seven surveys beginning in late September 2008 at the peak of the crisis and concluded in October 2009.


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