Project Archive

Project Title Principal Investigator Planned Completion Datesort ascending
Using Risk Analysis to Assess the Value of Improved Biosurveillance Willis, Henry June 2016
Passenger Wait Times for Screening at the Airport: Measuring, Modeling, and Analysis Ward, Amy June 2016
Developing the Science and Applications of Security Games: Machine Learning, Uncertainty and Preference Elicitation in Game Theory for Security Tambe, Milind June 2016
Operations Research Abbas, Ali June 2016
Risk Preferences and Decision-Support for PreCheck Stewart, Mark June 2016
Defending against Cyber Attacks: New Models for Deterrence Rosoff, Heather June 2016
Optimal Partnership Strategies for Cyber Threats Zhuang, Jun June 2016
A Visualization and Decision-Support Tool for Homeland Security Risk Prioritization Bier, Vicki June 2016
Pseudoinefficacy, a New Approach to Deterrence: Exploiting the Connection Between Perceived Risk, Affect and Self-Efficacy Burns, William June 2016
Risk Modeling and Communication for TSA and other DHS Organizations Dillon-Merrill, Robin June 2016
Economy-Wide Modeling for Analysis of Major Disruptive Events: Terrorism, Natural Disasters and Accidents Dixon, Peter June 2016
Integrating Benefit-Cost and Computable General Equilibrium Analysis For Homeland Security Applications Farrow, Scott June 2016
Analysis of Cyber Infrastructure Authentication Failure Vulnerabilities to Inform Security Decisions Yampolskiy, Roman June 2016
The Critical Role of Human Performance Factors in Detection, Spread and Containment of Ebola for First Responders in Clinical and Non-Clinical Settings Meshkati, Najmedin June 2016
Improving Evacuation Strategies through Adaptive Planning Bier, Vicki June 2015