Project Archive

Project Title Principal Investigatorsort descending Planned Completion Date
Port Security Risk and Resource Management System Orosz, Michael October 2013
DPS_Deploy: USC Department of Public Safety Risk Assessment and Resource Allocation System Orosz, Michael UNK
Risk Analysis Workbench (RAW) Orosz, Michael September 2008
Security via Strategic Randomization Tambe, Milind September 2007
Developing the Science and Applications of Security Games: Machine Learning, Uncertainty and Preference Elicitation in Game Theory for Security Tambe, Milind June 2016
Developing Algorithms and Software Assistants for Security Domains Tambe, Milind September 2013
Game Theory for Security: New Domains, New Challenges Tambe, Milind June 2015
A Game Theoretic Approach for Allocation of Limited Security Resources Tambe, Milind September 2009
Game Theory for Security: Large-scale Data-driven Approaches Tambe, Milind UNK
ARMOR: Assistant for Randomized Monitoring Over Routes Tambe, Milind September 2008
The Critical Role of Human Performance Factors in Detection, Spread and Containment of Ebola for First Responders in Clinical and Non-Clinical Settings Meshkati, Najmedin June 2016
Advancing Computable General Equilibrium Analysis (CGE) of the Economic Consequences of Terrorism Dixon, Peter September 2013
Effects on the U.S. economy of a serious H1N1 epidemic: analysis with the USAGE model Dixon, Peter October 2009
Reduced Form CGE Models For the Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events Dixon, Peter UNK
Economy-Wide Modeling for Analysis of Major Disruptive Events: Terrorism, Natural Disasters and Accidents Dixon, Peter June 2016