Estimating the State-by-State Economic Impacts of a Foot-and-Mouth Disease Attack

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Bumsoo Lee
Jiyoung Park
James E. Moore II
Harry W. Richardson
The agricultural sector is highly vulnerable to bioterrorismattacks with the potential for severe economic consequences. This article presents estimates of state-by-state total economic impacts of a hypothetical agroterrorism attack that uses foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) pathogens, which is one of the most contagious animal diseases and can be easilyweaponized. The authors estimate the economic impacts across theU.S. states by applying the National Interstate Economic Model (NIEMO), a multiregional input output (MRIO) model. Total economic impacts range from $23 billion to $34 billion. The overwhelming sources of the losses are due to domestic and international demand cuts. The results of this research highlight the point that the economic impacts are nationwide, regardless of the location of the attack because of large-scale export losses.