Books by CREATE Authors

  • The Economics of Natural Hazards
  • Security and Game Theory
  • Improving Homeland Security Decisions
  • Homegrown Violent Extremism
  • Economics of Climate Change Policy
  • Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks
  • Economic Costs and Consequences of Terrorism
  • Economic Consequence Analysis of Disasters: The E-CAT Software Tool (Integrated Disaster Risk Management)
  • Benefit Cost Analysis of Security Policies
  • Advances in Decision Analysis
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The Copenhagen Consensus: Perspective Paper on Transnational Terrorism Policies: Published in Global Crises, Global Solutions, Cambridge Press 2009 S. Brock Blomberg Published Articles & Papers
Estimating environmental benefits of natural hazard mitigation with data transfer: results from a benefit-cost analysis of Federal Emergency Management Agency hazard mitigation grants John C. Whitehead, Adam Z. Rose Advances in Economic Consequence Analysis of Terrorism Events Published Articles & Papers
The Use of Factorial Forecasting to Predict Public Response David J. Weiss Published Articles & Papers
What Do Transnational Terrorists Target? Has It Changed? Are We Safer? Patrick T. Brandt, Todd Sandler Published Articles & Papers
Effective Utility Functions from Organizational Target-Based Incentives A.E. Abbas, J. Matheson, R. Bordley Published Articles & Papers
Economic Resilience Lessons from the ShakeOut Earthquake Scenario Anne Wein, Adam Z. Rose Economic Consequences of and Resilience to Terrorism Published Articles & Papers
Biases and Debiasing in Multi-criteria Decision Analysis Detlof von Winterfeldt, Gilberto Montibeller Published Articles & Papers
Transportation Density and Opportunities for Expediting Recovery to Promote Security Rae Zimmerman, Jeffrey S. Simonoff Published Articles & Papers
Winning the War on Terror: Supply-Side Perspective Todd Sandler Published Articles & Papers
Defensive Counterterrorism Measures and Domestic Politics Todd Sandler, Kevin Siqueira Published Articles & Papers
The impact of disaster on the strategic interaction between company and government Kjell Hausken, Jun Zhuang Validating Models of Adversary Behavior Published Articles & Papers
Secrecy in Defensive Allocations as a Strategy for Achieving More Cost-Effective Attacker Detterrence Nikhil S. Dighe, Jun Zhuang, Vicki M. Bier Innovations in Risk and Economic Modeling of Counterterrorism Published Articles & Papers
Target-oriented utility theory for modeling the deterrent effects of counterterrorism Vicki M. Bier, Fuat Kosanoglu Improving Evacuation Strategies through Adaptive Planning Published Articles & Papers
Teaching Decision Skills to Troubled Teens Ali Abbas, Nathan Hoffmann, Ronald Howard , Chris Spetzler Published Articles & Papers
Catastrophe Economics: The National Flood Insurance Program Erwann O. Michel-Kerjan Published Articles & Papers