Books by CREATE Authors

  • Security and Game Theory
  • Improving Homeland Security Decisions
  • Homegrown Violent Extremism
  • Economics of Climate Change Policy
  • Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks
  • Economic Costs and Consequences of Terrorism
  • Economic Consequence Analysis of Disasters: The E-CAT Software Tool (Integrated Disaster Risk Management)
  • Defining and Measuring Economic Resilience...
  • Benefit Cost Analysis of Security Policies
  • Advances in Decision Analysis
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A Heuristic Method for Identifying Near-Optimal Defending Strategies for a Road Network Subject to Traffic Congestion Mengyao Gao, Bo Zhang, Vicki M. Bier, Tao Yao Calibration of Expert Judgments in Counterterrorism Risk Assessment Published Articles & Papers
Practical value models Detlof von Winterfeldt, Ralph L. Keeney Published Articles & Papers
Defending Against a Stockpiling Terrorist Kjell Hausken, Jun Zhuang Innovations in Game Theoretic Modeling for Terrorism and Natural Disasters Published Articles & Papers
Counterterrorism Strategies in The Lab Daniel G. Arce, Sneha Bakshi, Rachel T.A. Croson, Catherine C. Eckel, Enrique Fatas, Malcolm Kass Published Articles & Papers
Leveling the Playing Field: Enabling Community- Based Organizations to Utilize Geographic Information Systems for Effective Advocacy Haydar Kurban, Makada Henry- Nickie, Rodney D. Green, Janet A. Phoenix Published Articles & Papers
Improving Adjustable Autonomy Strategies for Time-Critical Domains Nathan Schurr, Janusz Marecki, Milind Tambe Published Articles & Papers
Scenario Simulation Group Reactions to the Aftermath of the Great ShakeOut Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake Heather Rosoff, Richard John, William J. Burns, Isaac Maya Risk Perception Published Articles & Papers
Exploring Information Asymmetry in Two-Stage Security Games Haifeng Xu , Zinovi Rabinovich, Shaddin Dughmi, Milind Tambe Game Theory for Security: New Domains, New Challenges Published Articles & Papers
Effective Solutions for Real-World Stackelberg Games: When Agents Must Deal with Human Uncertainties James Pita, Manish Jain, Fernando Ordóñez, Milind Tambe, Sarit Kraus, Reuma Magori-Cohen A Game Theoretic Approach for Allocation of Limited Security Resources Published Articles & Papers
Robust protection of fisheries with COmPASS William B. Haskell, Debarun Kar, Fei Fang , Milind Tambe, Sam Cheung, Elizabeth Denicola Game Theory for Security: New Domains, New Challenges Published Articles & Papers
Case Study in Disaster Relief: A Descriptive Analysis of Agency Partnerships in the Aftermath of the January 12th, 2010 Haitian Earthquake Jun Zhuang, John B. Coles, Justin Yates Game Theory or Not Game Theory?—Hybrid Defense Resource Allocations Published Articles & Papers
Estimating the Value of Foresight: Aggregate Analysis of Natural Hazard Mitigation Benefits and Costs David R. Godschalk, Adam Z. Rose, Elliott Mittler, Keith Porter, Carol Taylor West Published Articles & Papers
Security Games with Limited Surveillance Bo An , David Kempe, Christopher Kiekintveld, Eric Shieh, Satinder Singh, Milind Tambe, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik Developing Algorithms and Software Assistants for Security Domains Published Articles & Papers
Security Games for Controlling Contagion Jason Tsai, Thanh H. Nguyen, Milind Tambe Developing Algorithms and Software Assistants for Security Domains Published Articles & Papers
New Paradigms to Simultaneously Achieve Environmental Sustainability and Security for Infrastructure Rae Zimmerman Published Articles & Papers