Spatially Layered Defenses Against Terrorism Using Decision and Risk Analysis

Principal Investigator: 
Other Researchers: 
Henry Willis
Performance Period: 
July 2014 to June 2015
Commercialization Status: 
Project Keywords: 
Layered defenses
security in depth
Global Nuclear Detection Architecture
terrorism risk analysis
decision analysis
The main objective is to improve methods to counter terrorism by using multiple layers of defense (“security in depth”). More specifically, the objectives of Phase I were to a) develop risk analysis methods appropriate to design and evaluate layered defenses; and b) to test these methods in the context of the spatially layered GNDA architecture. In Phase II we will integrate the CREATE model with DHS models (PEM, RNTRA and their successors) and conduct a full-fledged application of the integrated model to a specific case of nuclear terrorism.