Reduced Form CGE Models For the Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events

Principal Investigator: 
Other Researchers: 
James Giesecke, Maureen Rimmer, Adam Rose, Glyn Wittwer, Mark Horridge
Performance Period: 
July 2014 to June 2015
Commercialization Status: 
This research will: (a) develop clear prescriptive recommendations for how to plan and communicate event information (especially regarding near-miss events) to reduce the potential for disproportionate fear and dread; (b) summarize and evaluate the conceptual and practical soundness of alternative risk communication strategies with specific focus on risk communication strategies regarding expedited screening for TSA and preparedness actions for natural disasters in areas subjected to repeated natural hazard events for FEMA; and (c) develop recommendations for how to include near-miss events in economic consequence modeling of terrorist events and natural disasters.