Scenario Simulation Group Reactions to the Aftermath of the Great Shake-out Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake

Principal Investigator: Heather Rosoff

Other Researchers: Richard John, William Burns


This paper demonstrates a novel approach for learning about earthquake victims behavioral responses to an emergency situation in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake.   Researchers developed an emergency scenario that describes students’ reactions following a magnitude 7.8 earthquake that leads to complications that escalate over eight episodes.  Subjects were assigned to scenario simulation groups (SSG) of about a dozen students each and instructed to discuss how they would cope with problems and issues as if they were the people described in the scenario.  Subjects first discussed their reactions and the potential decisions they might have to make as a group.  They were then asked to individually record their behavioral intentions, cognitive reactions (concern) and emotional state (fear) in a survey instrument.  Subjects’ responses were tracked over the eight episodes of the scenario.