Project Archive

Project Title Principal Investigator Planned Completion Datesort ascending
The Impact on the U.S. Economy of Changes in Wait Times at Ports of Entry Rose, Adam April 2013
Economic Analysis of the Consequences of a Potential Anthrax Terrorist Attack in The Pacific Northwest: Business Income Losses and Real Estate Price Declines. Rose, Adam September 2012
A Web-based Application for Estimation of Personal Vulnerability in Disasters Kurban, Haydar September 2012
Probabilistic Early Warning for National Security Crises Pate-Cornell, Elisabeth September 2012
Adversarial Risk Analysis for Counterterrorism Banks, David September 2012
Modeling Terrorist Beliefs and Motivations Rosoff, Heather September 2012
Political Violence in Pakistan - Understanding Subnational Patterns Shapiro, Jacob September 2012
Valuing Risks of Death from Terrorist Attacks Viscusi, William Kip September 2012
Innovations in Game Theoretic Modeling for Terrorism and Natural Disasters Zhuang, Jun September 2012
Experimental Game Theory Croson, Rachel August 2012
Innovations in Risk and Economic Modeling of Counterterrorism Bier, Vicki August 2012
Economic and Decision Models of Terrorist Enterprises Berman, Eli July 2012
On The Effectiveness of Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit (MSU) Port Arthur Safety Inspections, Port Arthur, TX Salazar, Daniel May 2012
Decision and Risk Management Methodology for PRND Resource Allocation for the State of California Maya, Isaac September 2011
Societal Ripple Effects from Terrorist Attacks and Risk Communication Strategies Based on Fear and Anger Nan, Xiaoli September 2011