CREATE-Related Programs

Executive Leadership Certificate Program

The Executive Leadership Program for command staff is a one-week course structured to address leadership issues from a senior executive perspective. Covering numerous topic areas in public safety, the program helps strengthen leadership’s cross-functional skills through immersion in key issues and best practices. The program integrates classroom and experiential learning opportunities, with visits to sites where senior leaders can study and observe real-world examples of topics and concepts. Read More

Graduate and Professional Programs Aviation Safety and Security Program

For over half a century the USC program has served as the gold standard of aviation safety management education, developing a reputation for excellence that is recognized nationally and internationally in the aviation community. Our program was established at USC in 1952 as the first Aviation Safety program at a major research university. Read More

Law Enforcement Advanced Development Certificate Program

The Law Enforcement Advanced Development (LEAD) Certificate Program is a joint program developed by the Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work and the Price School of Public Policy. The LEAD program is a six-month program using online and classroom courses to advance the skills and knowledge of sworn law enforcement personnel up to the rank of lieutenant. Read More

Public Safety Leadership Certificate Program

Public safety in the 21st century requires a holistic approach. Effective leadership and collaboration between public safety disciplines is essential to meet the complex challenges facing society today. The Public Safety Leadership Certificate Program provides students with a solutions-centered approach to public safety by adopting a multidisciplinary and “whole-of-community” methodology. The PSLP is 80 hours, taught two days per month for five months. Read More