Research Expertise

Professor, Department of Economics; Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research; Co-Director, Empirical Studies of Conflict Project

Development and Conflict, Terrorism and Religion

University of California, San Diego

Professor and Chair, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Risk Analysis, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Security, Technological Hazards

University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Engineering

Provost Professor of Public Policy, Psychology, and Behavioral Science

Behavioral Decision Making, Age Differences in Decision-Making Competence…

University of Southern California

Research Scientist

Statistics, Decision Science and Models, Marketing, Psychology of Deterence, Risk Communication

Decision Research

Appld Stats & Comp Modeling Data Scientist

Risks to Cyber and Physical Infrastructure Systems

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Assistant Professor in City and Regional Planning

Infrastructure Planning and Policy

The Ohio State University


Decision and Risk Analysis, Near-Miss Events

Robert E. McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University


Economic Modeling, Economic Policy Analysis

Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University

Associate Professor

Economic Policy, Energy Policy, Environmental Policy, Public Policy Analysis

The Ohio State University

Research Assistant Professor

Energy and Environmental Economics, Natural Disasters, Climate Change

University of Southern California

Scott Farrow


Economics, Industrial Organization, Environmental Economics and Risk Analysis

University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Risk and Decision Analysis, Quantitative Psychology, Applied Mathematics

University of Southern California

Associate Director for Research Transition

Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events, Nuclear Engineering Sciences

University of Southern California

Professor of Management Science

Behavioral Issues in Risk and Decision Analysis, Risk Management

Loughborough University

Assistant Professor

Policy and Economic Disasters

California State University, Dominguez Hills

Senior Economist

Risk Analysis, Border Security

Econometrica Inc.

Adam Rose

Director, Researcher Professor of Public Policy

Terrorism and Natural Hazards, Energy and Environmental Economics, Public Policy

University of Southern California


Risk Perception

University of Southern California

Professor of Psychology

Risk Perception, Risk and Economic Impact of Terrorism

University of Oregon

Professor of the Practice in National and Homeland Security

Counterterrorism, Homeland Security, Aviation Terrorism, School Safety, Infrastructure Protection

University of Southern California

Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science and Director of Center for Research in Computation and Society

Artificial Intelligence for Social Good

Harvard University

J.A. Tiberti Chair of Ethics and Decision Making and a Professor of Systems Engineering

Decision Analysis, Risk Analysis, and Behavioral Decision Science

University of Southern California

Visiting Professor

Economic consequence analysis 


Research Associate Professor

Economic consequence analysis 

University of Southern California