Mingdong Lyu Receives Doctoral Degree

Mingdong Lyu, USC doctoral student mentored by CREATE Director Randolph Hall, has been awarded the PhD Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering.  His research on “Pandemic Prediction and Control with Integrated Dynamic Modeling of Disease Transmission and Healthcare Resource Optimization” developed and applied new mathematical methods based on Covid-19 data for the United States. 

The framework developed by Dr. Lyu enables evaluation of epidemics and the effectiveness of intervention strategies.  By accurately representing historical trends under various scenarios, his new approach offers effective vaccine allocation plans in the face of uncertainty.  The methods allocate vaccines by region and age group, considering data on disease transmission and fatality rates for each sub-group.

Dr. Lyu will continue his research, with a focus on inter-regional disease transmission, at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden Colorado. 

Posted May 25, 2023