Scott Farrow

Research Area Leader for Economic Assessment

Dr. Scott Farrow serves as Research Theme Leader for Economic Assessment at CREATE,  Professor in the Department of Economics at UMBC, a branch of the University of Maryland and as a Research Fellow at CREATE.

Previously Dr. Farrow he was the Chief Economist of the US GAO (Government Accountability Office) where he led a group focused on Government wide risk management. He earlier directed the Center for the Study and Improvement of Regulation at Carnegie Mellon University where he led development of a simulation based benefit-cost template, FERET.

Since receiving his Ph.D. in economics from Washington State University in 1983, Dr. Farrow has served as a member of the faculty at Carnegie Mellon University and the Pennsylvania State University, twice in the Executive Office of the President under both Democratic and Republican administrations including time as Associate Director of the Council on Environmental Quality, and in the Department of the Interior. He has consulted internationally and is the founding editor of the Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis.