CREATE Director Publishes “Managing Innovation Inside Universities”

Springer has published a new book by Randolph Hall on Innovation Inside Universities. The new book offers guidance on capturing the creative forces of the faculty, staff and students at universities. Given their unique and central role in America and the world, it examines how university research, learning and service can be integrated to address the needs of society as it is both enabled and changed by technology. In turn, the book assesses the challenges and opportunities for universities to be more successful and impactful through innovation, viewing universities as integrated systems. It demonstrates how change can occur both within the “knowledge economy” and because of innovations within it. In doing so, the book provides insights into how universities can prosper and lead in a world that is constantly changed by the innovations that universities and industry jointly create.

The book serves as a guide for higher education policymakers, funders, donors, board members, stakeholders and leaders (chairs, deans, provosts, presidents) through its systematic vision for university innovation and service to society. It will also benefit researchers studying innovation in organizations, illustrating how systematic approaches arising from management science and operations research can be used toward positive change. Lastly, strategic partners in industry, government and foundations seeking opportunities for partnerships and collaboration with universities will also find it useful. Read Here.


Posted June 26, 2024