CREATE Executive Program In Counter Terrorism Class of 2015

The CREATE Executive Program in Counter-Terrorism class of 2015 has graduated! 

The program is a week-long course designed to challenge international counter-terrorism leaders and enhance their analysis, coordination, and response capabilities to the evolving terrorism threat.

Structured specifically for public sector professionals and policymakers it employs an interdisciplinary academic and experiential learning environment. Participants strengthen their cross-functional skills through immersion in key issues and best practices presented by world-class research and public policy experts in counter-terrorism.

This year participants heard from a diverse range of speakers includiing Peter Bergen, CNN Terrorism Analyst, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Director of the Center for the Study of Terriorist Radicalization and Eshan Zaffar, Senior Advisor on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, US Department of Homeland Security.

Read a report on Peter Bergen’s lecture here.