CREATE Research Applications

CREATE’s comprehensive research framework has been used to investigate strategies and interventions to improve the nation’s security in the face of terrorism, natural disasters and technological accidents.  Our applications include: 

CREATE has focused on risks, economics and game-theoretic interventions against cyber threats.  USC also conducts cybersecurity research through its Center for Computer Systems Security, which operates the DETER testbed as a national resource for experimentation on resilient design to protect against cyber threats.

CREATE’s research has examined naturally occurring contagious disease, such as COVID-19, as well as biological weapons designed and intended to harm people.

Climate Disasters

Stronger and more severe weather events have increased the frequency of major disasters. Climate change is changing habitability of regions as temperatures change and sea levels rise, as well as increasing the size and frequency of wildfires in the western United States, all areas for CREATE’s research.

Naturally Occurring Disasters (non-climate)

Earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions occur naturally, with potential for causing great harm, with both immediate and long-term damage, as examined through CREATE’s economic models.

Equitable Disaster Preparation and Response

Vulnerable and disadvantaged populations have suffered great harm in disasters. CREATE researchers are studying how to equitably protect against catastrophic events.

Infrastructure Protection

The nation depends on reliable and resilient infrastructure, including transportation, energy and water, to support our economy and meet human needs.  CREATE has conducted extensive research on the consequences of infrastructure disruptions and benefits of protective measures.


CREATE has worked with the Transportation Security Agency, Customs and Border Protection and other agencies to improve security against terrorists and others intending harm. CREATE has also studied interventions that protect against weapons that threaten aircraft and facilities.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Dirty bombs, nuclear weapons and biological weapons are among the threats that CREATE has studied through risk and economic analysis.