CREATE Supports DHS Funded ADAC-ARCTIC Center of Excellence (COE)

The University of Alaska at Anchorage has been awarded $46 million through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for a new center of excellence focused on the arctic: ADAC-ARCTIC. In a news release, DHS wrote: “The ADAC-ARCTIC COE will affect major DHS mission priorities by focusing on critical research needed to prepare for and implement effective responses to challenges facing the Arctic domain,” said Dr. Dimitri Kusnezov, DHS Under Secretary for Science and Technology. “The Arctic’s dynamic ecosystem has proven to be an extraordinary challenge, and DHS is fortunate to leverage the expertise of academia to meet operational requirements.”

CREATE’s Isaac Maya will provide leadership in ADAC-ARCTIC for technology transition. In addition, Senior Research Fellows Adam Rose, Richard John and Detlof von Winterfeldt, and External Senior Research Fellow Jun Zhuang, have contributed research projects. CREATE alum Terrence O’Sullivan will provide leadership in education. CREATE Director Randolph Hall will lead CREATE’s contributions to the COE.

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Posted January 15, 2024