Economic Consequences of Cyber Terrorism

Principal Investigator: Adam Rose

Other Researchers: Scott Farrow


This project will further enhance, broaden and transition the CREATE Economic Consequence Analysis Framework. It continues the evolution of transforming CREATE’s sophisticated/high- performance computing CGE models to “reduced form” versions that can readily be used in- house by DHS staff. We plan to work with NPPD and, through its connections, with other DHS agencies. The focus will be on the refinement of the CREATE USCGE Model to estimate the economic impacts of cyber threats to the U.S. economy. This will involve improving the conceptual basis of the model to make it consistent with benefit-cost analysis, modification of the model to make it more applicable to cyber threats including explicit information technology and services industries, a case study illustrating the capability of the model, and the development of a plan to develop a transitionable version of the model for NPPD during the second year of the project.