The CREATE Industry Advisory Board (IAB) offers memberships to companies dedicated to the development and application of homeland security solutions in CREATE’s core areas of research.


CREATE IAB members receive access to CREATE’s homeland security team, providing a cost-effective resource for collaborative security-related research opportunities. Interactions between CREATE IAB members and USC faculty enable companies to be more effective and more competitive in pursuing opportunities, and developing and commercializing advanced security solutions. CREATE IAB members are also recognized and publicized for their collaboration with USC to improve homeland security through state-of-the-art research. 

Membership is $10,000 per year.

Membership benefits:

Membership on the CREATE Industry Advisory Board

Access to graduate and undergraduate students through internship and employment programs

Invitations to workshops and symposia

Member events and networking opportunities

Opportunities to develop joint research and development projects (RFPs, BAAs, etc.)

Visits and collaborations with USC researchers at USC facilities

Partnership plaque in the CREATE center

Press releases and publicity announcing membership on the board

Contact us
For information on membership, please contact [email protected]