CREATE takes great pride in its tradition of mentoring undergraduates, graduate students, interns, post-doctoral fellows, and junior faculty. The success has been based to a great extent on the close working relationship between CREATE faculty and those they mentor. The interdisciplinary nature of much of CREATE's research is best suited to work by research teams, which provides valuable opportunities for broadening their individual skill sets. Students and post-docs are provided the opportunity to engage in exciting and challenging research and are rewarded not only by gaining skills and knowledge, but also by being co-authors of professional publications.
Those mentored by CREATE have gone on to important professional careers in universities, the private sector and government agencies, including DHS. Graduate students and postdocs have obtained positions at major universities such as The Ohio State University, Texas Tech, USC, University at Buffalo, University of Illinois, and Cal State Dominguez Hills.  They’ve also been placed at national energy labs, other research institutions such as the RAND Corporation, and major companies.
CREATE faculty have also mentored researchers at other DHS Centers of Excellence (e.g., Critical Infrastructure Resilience Institute) and the National Energy Laboratories (e.g., Sandia and Pacific Northwest).
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