PortSec: Port Security Risk Management and Resource Allocation System

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Michael D. Orosz
Carl Southwell
Anthony Barrett
Onur Bakir
Jennifer Chen
Isaac Maya
Ports are important to the US economy. This is particularly true with the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach (POLA/LB). Over 40% of all containers shipped in and out of the US flow through the two-port complex. In addition, the POLA/LB complex support large bulk cargo, tanker, and cruise ship operations. It is vital that these ports be protected from terrorist attack and/or from damage from natural causes. The DHS funded Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE) is developing a port security risk management and resource allocation system (PortSec). PortSec will support both tactical day-to-day security decision-making and long-term strategic security planning. An initial PortSec prototype (1.0) that supports tactical day-to-day risk assessment and resource allocation has been developed and demonstrated to the POLA/LB and the DHS Science & Technology Directorate.