Risk Analysis Workbench (RAW)

Principal Investigator: Michael Orosz


The Risk Analysis Workbench (RAW) is a software platform where risk-based resources (e.g., models, tools, databases, case studies, etc.,) from various sources (e.g., CREATE, FAZD, START, etc,) can be accessed and shared.   RAW serves as a repository of risk-based resources that can be tapped for use by a variety of users including researchers, analysts, and policy/decision-makers.   Access to resources is controlled via user and group authentication and membership.   In addition to serving as a risk-based resource repository, a long-term objective of the CREATE RAW project is to develop a common modeling environment (CME) in which various resources, with varying levels of accessibility, can be electronically “linked” to form composite analytical systems that target specific risk-based problems.  To help achieve this goal, basic research was initiated in Year 3 and continued into Year 4 in the areas of semantic networks and cyber-security technologies.   In addition, a collaborative effort with FAZD Center was undertaken to develop an infrastructure that supports server-based operations. Potential uses of the RAW technology in the private sector include workspace management (collaboration, resource sharing, and access control) and decision-support operations (risk assessments, current situational awareness, “what-if” analysis).