Risk Analyst Workbench Design and Architecture

Principal Investigator: Michael Orosz


The CREATE Risk Analyst Workbench (RAW) is a software tool that provides modeling and analysis capabilities for the risk analysis and decision analysis steps of the CREATE Terrorism Modeling System (CTMS). RAW provides a mechanism for extracting data from external sources, building libraries of data for internal use and linking models to support other modeling steps. RAW guides the risk analyst through the steps of threat and counter-measure characterization, probability estimation, outcome definition, and scenario creation. It also provides tools for rating outcomes of threats, effectiveness of counter-measures, and prioritizing investments. RAW will be executable in a classified, “official use only” or public environment. When security is needed, sensitive information, such as specific intelligence, may be restricted to authorized users. RAW is also being designed with the capability for networked analysis and distributed sharing of information, combined with information security when needed. By collaboratively integrating their models and data, analysts can perform far more complicated assessments, far more quickly, than previously possible. This document defines the system requirements, the preliminary system software design, list of deliverables, and development plan.