The Critical Role of Human Performance Factors in Detection, Spread and Containment of Ebola for First Responders in Clinical and Non-Clinical Settings

Principal Investigator: Najmedin Meshkati


The propose of this white paper is: (a) to introduce and delineate the importance of human performance factors in the detection, spread (intentional or unintentional) and containment of Ebola; (b) to substantiate and highlight the need for a systematic approach for taking these performance  factors into account and for possible quantification of their effects using Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) into any realistic, robust analysis concerning the spread of such virulent diseases; and (c) to reach out to cognizant DHS units, specially, the “Chemical/Biological Defense Division (CBD)” of the Science and Technology Directorate, and conduct preliminary needs analyses concerning human factors considerations for first responders to Ebola