Transition Pipeline

Our transition pipeline is made up of three stages, initialization, immersion and fielding. The figure illustrates the different stages and their features

The key stage for successful research transition is the Phase 2 Immersion stage, during which project personnel, including the graduate research assistants, are “immersed” in the field operational setting intended for the R&D output results.  This immersion enables mutual familiarization of researchers and operational end-user personnel, which is critical in building trust and mutual understanding.  Phase 2 will experience many iterations as the R&D progresses from initial designs to prototype, pilots and field tests.  A sound Immersion phase then makes for a smoother Phase 3 Fielding stage, during which it can be expected that there will be many iterations of the technology as R&D is fine-tuned to the operational needs.
CREATE has successfully followed this process in the transition of many of the projects listed here.