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CREATE's 10th Anniversary Event - April 24, 2014

A day of presentations, expert panels, technology demonstrations and sessions on innovations in counter-terrorism and homeland security.

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Using some of the most advanced models and tools available, these remarkable people are helping us to assess the risk of terrorism, gauge its economic consequences, and propose and evaluate strategies for making us safer and more secure.
—Secretary Michael Chertoff U.S. Department of Homeland Securty
It is precisely this type of cost-benefit, risk-management approach that is needed to help prevent the kind of catastrophic attack we sustained on 9/11.
—Secretary Michael Chertoff U.S. Department of Homeland Securty
The CREATE program brings together some of the finest scholars and researchers in the fight against terrorism.
—Secretary Michael Chertoff U.S. Department of Homeland Securty

CREATE's mission is to improve our Nation's security through the development of advanced models and tools for the evaluation of the risks, costs and consequences of terrorism to guide economically viable investments in homeland security.

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CREATE's research activities cover research activities cover four interconnected modeling and analysis areas:

Risk Assessment involves an investigation of the threats, vulnerabilities and consequences of terrorism, natural hazards and man-made disasters, particularly addressing the analytical challenges of an adaptive adversary in terrorism risk assessment.

Risk Perception and Communication addresses the public's and decision-makers' risk perception surveys, new survey mechanisms to improve the fidelity of data collection, and accounts for the potential value of risk inoculation messages in influencing public responses to major disruptive events.

Economic Assessment includes the estimation of direct, indirect economic and behavioral impacts, resilience, and cost-benefit analyses of counter-terrorism options and preparations for and responses to natural and man-made disasters.

Risk Management / Operations Research comprises the development, evaluation and implementation of alternative ways to prevent, protect or respond to terrorism, and the use of advanced analytical methods to facilitate alternative policies assessments and decision-making.

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Research Transition

CREATE's Research Transition activities strongly support the transition of research results to operational units in the form of user-driven models, tools and enhanced capabilities. This is accomplished through CREATE's E2E research transition model projects. E2E, variously known as End-to-End, Excellence-to-Enterprise, Engage-to-Excel, etc., supports all four research themes and the Education program, developing software products and Executive Education courses and workshops which are transitioned and delivered to the DHS enterprise.

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CREATE has a range of educational programs that train students and professionals in an effort to develop the next generation of homeland security leaders and enhance the knowledge of the current workforce focused on these critical issues

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