Reducing Threats, Mitigating Emergencies, Building Resilience

As the Department of Homeland Security’s first University Center of Excellence, CREATE serves our nation through creation of advanced models and tools for the evaluation of the risks, costs and consequences of threats to human livelihood and through assessment of strategies to mitigate risks and respond to emergencies.  CREATE's approach is integrated, holistic and impartial, providing independent assessment of hazards, both malevolent and unintentional, including terrorism, accidents, and naturally occurring events.

Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Threats and Emergencies

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CREATE’s in-house and affiliated faculty are leaders in the field of decision analysis, risk assessment, economic consequence analysis, benefit-cost analysis, resilience, game theory, operations research, and risk management. CREATE has fostered collaboration of researchers from a diverse array of disciplines to tackle some of the most vexing and challenging problems of the 21st Century.

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The Impacts of the Coronavirus on the Economy of the United States

Terrie Walmsley, Adam Rose, and Dan Wei

Economic Consequence Analysis of Electric Power Infrastructure Disruptions: An Analytical General Equilibrium Approach

Ian Sue Wing, Adam Rose

Relationships Between Initial COVID-19 Risk Perceptions and Protective Health Behaviors: A National Survey

Wändi Bruine de Bruin, Daniel Bennett

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Randolph Hall

Director & Senior Research Fellow

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Richard John

Associate Director &
Senior Research Fellow

Adam Rose

Director Emeritus &
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Erroll Southers

Associate Director of International Programs

Detlof von Winterfeldt

Director Emeritus &
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